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How long will my resume be in the system?
If you create a master resume, it will be there indefinitely. If you customize your resume to fit each job opening, you will delete your previously customized resume and add the new customized resume each time you apply.

Can I have more than one resume in my Attachments tab?
No, the system automatically defaults and uploads the oldest resume from the Attachments Tab.  You can only have one resume in the Attachments tab when you apply for a job opening.

Can I change my resume for a specific job once I’ve applied?
No.  You need to make sure before you apply you have the correct customized resume attached to your profile.  Once you click the submit button, you cannot alter or change your resume.

How long will the jobs I applied for show on the My Applications tab?
36 months

Under My Applications it shows a Status column.  Does this show an update of where my resume is in the application process?
No, this will show “Complete” when you apply, “Incomplete” if you did not apply or “Withdrawn” if you withdraw from consideration.

Can I submit a paper resume?

How often are jobs posted?
DES updates current recruitments on Wednesdays and Fridays. It is in your best interest to check the website several times a week for new job postings.

What if I change my mind about a job after I already applied?  Can I withdraw my resume?
Yes.  Go to “My Applications” tab.  Select the check box for the job you want to withdraw.  Click the “Actions>Withdraw”, then click the OK button.  The status of your application changes to “Withdrawn”.

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