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Personnel Records

Requests for DES Personnel Information ONLY

Existing state rule A.A.C. R2-5-105(F) allows state agencies to disclose only the following information pertaining to their employees:

1) Name of employee;
2) Date of employment;
3) Current and previous class titles and dates received;
4) Name and location of current and previous agencies to which the employee has been assigned;
5) Current and previous salaries and dates of each change; and
6) Name of employee's current or last-known supervisor.

NOTE: Contact the DES Human Resources Administration ONLY to request personnel information. For all other information requests, please contact the appropriate department listed in DES Program and Services Contact Numbers.

DES Human Resources Administration (HRA)
Attn: Request for Information – Fred Burk
1717 West Jefferson, Site Code 047Z-3
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Telephone: (602) 771-2870
Fax: (602) 364-0288

PLEASE NOTE – All Public Records Requests are made through the agency contact. Effective Sept 26, 2008, state law requires state agencies to also disclose employee disciplinary actions and any applicable employee responses in response to a public records request (A.R.S. § 39-128).


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